Learn what has happened in our congregation. In this section, you will find information about past church services, special events, website updates and much more. All church news in one place. Read on!

St Kilda Uniting Church News

What is happening at our church? The above-listed articles are all snippets of the church news, also called latest updates. Anytime we post an article, it is displayed in various sections including its promotion on the homepage. It is also displayed here and then stays on the page, being pushed downwards by the more actual news. Thus, the church news web page serves as an updates archive, too. If you want to read even more news from our church, we recommend you skim through our newsletters to find information from almost all church services including announcements of news, updates, events, containing words for new songs etc.

Get to Know Us Through Songs and Prayers

St Kilda Uniting Church Authentic Expression of the Jesus Movement


Prayers written by different members of our congregation to reflect on what is happening around us and in the community. Prayers for families, justice, peace, ourselves, others, prayers about diversity and many more.

St Kilda Uniting Church Songs and Hymns Written

Songs and Hymns

At St Kilda Uniting Church, we believe that songs and hymns represent the cornerstone of our faith. Having songs reflecting the world we live in is crucial for understanding the role of God and Christianity in our lives.

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Our People

Meet members of our congregation. Read their short profiles and answers to questions about their involvement with St Kilda Uniting Church, the meaning of faith for them or what they are look forward to.