If we can cheer some people up, and make them smile, and think about lizards, and be grateful for the small things in life, and the small surprises that God brings, then this is a really good purpose for this section on our website.

Read more about our friend Lizard in the diary.

When we moved into our house in Dromana, we found a squatter, lying in the summer sun.

A large blue tongue lizard lay near to his bolt-hole near to a large-leafed plant. He moved to the other side of the garden when we had to remove the plant. He found a better home in our concrete garden masonry. It was the perfect home for him until disaster struck two years ago when I ran over the poor creature by mistake. He lay there lifeless, and I wondered if that was the end to my lizard and the joy of spring. I lay him under the orange tree with a pile of leaves to protect him from hungry birds.  It took several days before he moved and took himself back to his hideaway.

I waited for Spring and lo and behold, he returned to give me a new sense of joy and new life.

St Kilda Uniting Church Spring

Friday 17th September

I looked at Mr Robert, and he seemed rather tired

Maybe he could stop and be inspired

For he works too hard at his advancing old age

And refused to see that he could be a sage

If he followed my wisdom from earth below…

St Kilda Uniting Church The day lizzard stuck

Story for the whole family

Robert’s cousin heard about me and sent me this poem about lizards. I am so glad that other people are getting inspired.

Oh; how I long to be a lizard, with his fine and silvery scales

Protecting me from humans and all that entails

A shelter from the cold and those wintry storms

From man and humanity’s selfish norms…

St kilda uniting church John Cranmer’s possum

John Cranmer’s possum

Then I heard about John Cranmer’s possum. He’s one is down earth those blokes who will tell you as it is whether you like it or not and a loveable rogue. He lives in John Cranmer’s garage roller-door and clunks around over the roof like as though (he’s) wearing iron hob-nail boots. THE possum wrote of a man called Yeshua. Now I have no idea of who Yeshua is, I don’t know him from a bar of soap, and lizards don’t use soap…


Wednesday 22 September

I am still shaking, with, my legs glued to ground

An earthquake came, with rumbling sound

It threatened my house, my life and my sleep

It was more than I could bear and I will certainly keep

Locked away in case, it comes again…

St Kilda Uniting Church Spring

It’s Spring

I know when it’s spring when the reptiles creep

The lizard emerges from its long winter sleep

Sliding and slithering in its reptilian groove.

It finds its place in this seasonal juve

Then scurrying away when I go too near

Hearing my boots it runs in fear…

St Kilda Uniting Church The day lizzard stuck

The Day the Lizard Got Stuck

Come quick, yelled Jill

I heard stress in her voice and felt a chill

Creep down my spine to the floor below

A sudden jolt to my morning flow.

The lizard’s stuck and cannot move

Stuck between a rock and its usual groove

It looked sad, as if almost dead…

St Kilda Uniting Church Prayer for lizard

Prayer for Lizard

A clever ace

Can clear some space

Between a rock and a hard place

But only a wizard

Can free a lizard.


Divine mother,

The one beyond all knowing and my lizard understanding

Grant me freedom, that I may lie in the Spring sun

St Kilda Uniting Church 14th September

Tuesday 14th September

I heard the husband say to his wife

This covid lockdown is full of strife

And I wanted to say if I had a voice

It’s all a matter of making a choice

To take a breath and make a shift

Be present in the moment, give thanks for the gift

For the chance to stop in their life of stress

To lay in the sun and fully rest.

All I know, and I know it well