We believe that our situation can be paralleled with one of Israelites living in Egypt. They did not have any wisdom nor songs that would reflect their changed situation and circumstances. At present, we are living in a modern world which has changed a lot since the time Jesus was on the earth. Many hundreds of years have passed by since the last book of the New Testament has been written. Yong people are especially facing the “problem” that they often do not receive a guidance from the present churches that would acknowledge the context they live in.

St Kilda Uniting Church Songs and Hymns Written

In St Kilda Uniting Church, we believe that songs and hymns represent the cornerstone of our faith. Having songs reflecting the world we live in is crucial for understanding the role of God and Christianity in our lives. When we feel that there is no song out there which would reflect the topic we are dealing with, David, our minister and some of the other members of the congregation are happy to write one.

Here, you will find the songs that originated in our community and were used to enrich our Sunday service and by other occasions, too.