Meeting to enjoy an afternoon tea and discuss a book that has been read during the past period. Covering interesting topics and including books from the Bible, the discussion group is hosted by Mary Heinemann.

The Reading and Discussion Group has begun meeting again after a break of about 2 years. In the past approx. 16 years we read mostly “progressive” theology, for instance early on we read Marcus Borg and John Shelby Spong. We found Karen Armstrong very informative. We have read John Dominic Crossan, Andrew Mawson,Sallie Mc Fague and Richard Rohr. We have read about the Jesus Seminar and “The Hospitality of God” by Brendan Byrne. It has been very stimulating to our faith and very open discussion. Recently we met and looked at an article/excerpts by Hugh Mackay from his most recent book “The Good Life”.

Our meetings begin at 7.30p.m. and we are finished by 9.30p.m. We have always met in a private home and will be having an end of year meal on December 13th. Ring Mary 0409 060 846 if you would like to attend the group meeting(s).

St Kilda Uniting Church Reading and Discussion Group

These nice meetings at a dinner table are for everyone who wants to know more about a topic (announced upfront) and also wishes to enjoy the unique culinary experience by Janet and Brian.


Plans for the Group for 1H2019 – Lent, Easter Services

We have planned our Easter preparation for this year and it will weave into our Reading and Discussion Group plans for the first part of 2019.

We will have the first meeting of our reading and discussion group on Thursday, February 7th at 7.30p.m. at Mary and Brian’s house.  We will focus on heresy and what the context was for something being determined as ‘orthodox’ while other perspectives were proclaimed and suppressed as being heretical. We will also try to make sense of biblical history so that we can develop a deeper appreciation of context and why some material made it into the New Testament while some didn’t. There will be an Ash Wednesday service on March 6th and then we will have 5 weekly Lenten studies held at the church on Thursday 14th, 21st and 28th March, and 4th and 11th April. These sessions will be entitled “Dreaming our way to Easter”.

On April 18th we will hold a Maundy Thursday service at 7 pm and this will be built around a simple meal. On April 19th Good Friday, an Ecumenical service will take place – venue and time to be announced, once a decision has been made. We will have a service in our church on 21st April Easter Sunday at 10.30a.m. as always. We will resume our Reading and discussion group on Thursday 23rd May at Mary and Brian’s home, if that is best.

Following is the email that Rev David Pargeter has sent to explain our material and focus for Thursday 7th February.

As a segue to Lent, Easter and Heresies, I’ve settled on an introduction to the importance of context for both biblical understanding and interpretation (historical and sociological),  and for understanding the public ministry of Jesus.