Why Do We have a Monthly Topic

Last year we began a theme-based ministry. A theme-based ministry is an integrated worship and learning practice designed to give us a deeper and richer experience of our faith. Each month, we’ll explore dimensions of the theme through different experiences of worship, conversations, audio-visual aids and newsletter reflections.

Themes provide an opportunity to grapple with theological ideas and their relevance in our lives. Monthly themes create opportunities for expanding our theological literacy and perhaps reclaim for ourselves theological language or “a language of reverence” as some have called it. The ultimate purpose is to support a person’s journey of connection and spirit, as well as offering strengthening resources for living your faith in personal interactions and in the public square.

St Kilda Uniting Church - Topic of the Month

St Kilda Uniting Church Community

We are a community shaped by commitment and curiosity. We are more interested in questions than answers. Questions like, what does faith look like in the 21st Century? How do we talk about God in ways that express mystery, inspire wonder, faithfulness and action? How will the primary features of Jesus’s ministry make a difference to our lives and the lives of others? How will we do things like speak truth to power, stand up for human rights, or advocate for the left-behind in an age of increasing inequality?

St Kilda Uniting Church 140 Anniversary Service 2017
St Kilda Uniting Church Authentic Expression of the Jesus Movement


Prayers written by different members of our congregation to reflect on what is happening around us and in the community. Prayers for families, justice, peace, ourselves, others, prayers about diversity and many more.

St Kilda Uniting Church Songs and Hymns Written

Songs and Hymns

At St Kilda Uniting Church, we believe that songs and hymns represent the cornerstone of our faith. Having songs reflecting the world we live in is crucial for understanding the role of God and Christianity in our lives.

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Our People

Meet members of our congregation. Read their short profiles and answers to questions about their involvement with St Kilda Uniting Church, the meaning of faith to them or what they look forward to.